Racial prejudice, Democratic Freshmen, Wanting to belong and group think to a detriment

We break off into the controversy of Trumps Tweets about the Freshmen democrats. We discuss why the GOP and certain people will support traditions, schools and what ever they feel makes them feel like they belong or part of sometime of group. Back to the R.Kelly, Michael Jackson condemnation. Did Mueller do the right thing?

Who is running for 2020? Should we look at a Republican?

The team takes a look at the politicians jumping into the 2020 race and we think about the republican possible candidates that can possibly get Democrats to switch over based on what is being offered. The ex CIA acting director Mccabe speaks out with his new book and how much of the Mueller probe is making the team feel confident.

Donald Trump and Political Turmoil Part II


We continue our Political turmoil Podcast with multiple threats that keeps us on our toes and more involved in our communities.  We touch the Democratic party lack of clear leadership.  Local resources, The threat of imminent war with North Korea and thoughts of the political climate that makes us so unsure of our place in the world.

The Hurricane Harvey disaster and our broken government departments Part I


The team talks about what the nation is going through when it comes to government services being reduced based on the Trumps appointments to these key positions (EPA, HLS, FEMA, NOAH,Department of Defense) We look at how this continues to happen when we thought we learned from the flooding last year as well as the Katrina incident during the Bush administration.

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