Racial prejudice, Democratic Freshmen, Wanting to belong and group think to a detriment

We break off into the controversy of Trumps Tweets about the Freshmen democrats. We discuss why the GOP and certain people will support traditions, schools and what ever they feel makes them feel like they belong or part of sometime of group. Back to the R.Kelly, Michael Jackson condemnation. Did Mueller do the right thing?

Trumps ability to change the narrative, elections and immigration

We continue to debate how Trump is in control of the media by continuously adding new narratives to the news cycle. Whether it’s about immigration, voting, or the evil democrats. We talk the demographics who is voting and what is our chances to flip the House, Governorship and the senate.

#Metoo and Religion / Children in Cages (the immigration dilemma)

The team finishes up our discussion with immigration and how institutions have been hiding undertake guise of religion to take advantage of women as well as keep women in subordinate positions based on religious doctrine.  We go back historically with immigration to bring in perspective of what our country has done in the past as well as what our needs are for today.

Immigration, Tax Bill, The memo and The Stock Market question

The team gets together and discuss the second potential government shut down, the immigration issue  that seems to not have an immediate compromise for.  We touch the options of moving out of the US and the consequences.  

We also get into the deadly memo that supposed to have taken down the FBI and the intelligence community.  Boy was that a stretch.