Is there an upcoming war, Twitter beef and more


This episode the team sits down and talks about our feelings about the ignorance of Trumps foreign diplomacy at the cost of going to war with North Korea.  After another recent rocket launch. More shenanigans from political perverts and the press and once again more Twitter beef from the Donald

Donald Trump and Political Turmoil Part II


We continue our Political turmoil Podcast with multiple threats that keeps us on our toes and more involved in our communities.  We touch the Democratic party lack of clear leadership.  Local resources, The threat of imminent war with North Korea and thoughts of the political climate that makes us so unsure of our place in the world.

Political talk (meet and greet)


With our inaugural episode Eric Carr and Chaz Jenkins talk with me about region politics as well as awareness of our political situation as it feels in the PG area, DC area, Atlanta area and the outside of the perimeter of Atlanta.  We start this series with expressing our experiences from our area as well as what we perceive to be issues to address.