Bombings in Austin, Guns,Social media analytics and WH Firing

The team gets together to discuss the randomness of the Austin Tx. bomber and the continuation of gun violence and obsession in the US.  The FBI and Secretary of State firing seemed like old news but it actually happened and are we numb from these actions? We talk Social media analytics and companies that prey on us

Tump's new Sex scandals, New trade Tariffs & current mess

The Team goes through a Rapid fire recap of the previous weekend whats going on with the decisions in the Trump administration. We touch the the potential Tariffs, Porn stars, Playmates, Dumb lawyers and resignation.  We also get around to discussing Chaz's aliases and find them more ridiculous as we hear ourselves.

Immigration, Tax Bill, The memo and The Stock Market question

The team gets together and discuss the second potential government shut down, the immigration issue  that seems to not have an immediate compromise for.  We touch the options of moving out of the US and the consequences.  

We also get into the deadly memo that supposed to have taken down the FBI and the intelligence community.  Boy was that a stretch.

The Government shutdown 2018 /Rethink the 2020 election

Tonight we really get into the most spineless unnecessary actions the democrats have done in quite some time.  Shutting down the government and opening it with nothing in hand to negotiate with. also the numerous political shenanigans in one freakin week. including the deputy FBI director stepping down and a reckless memo the congress voted to release.

Political predictions and the Politics of the Grammys

Here's our recap of the predictions and our input of the Grammys politics and is Hip Hop/Rap really getting shunned as being a competing genre in Music? Is China secretly trying to be the world power? Is prostitution  the viable choice for weird dudes being charged for sexual abuse.  And damn did you see look on Jay Z face at the grammys?

Trumps racism, conspiracy theories and Celebrity politics

This episode the team steps into the current debate (Or is it) about Trump being a racist based on his comments about Black countries being shithole countries. We dive into the possiblity of more celebrity politicians and if this will be the new normal.  Once again the conspiracies fly when we talk about Hawaii, fire and fury and other hilarious political shenanigans. .  


Net neutrality and the Mueller email controversy Part II

Part two of our Rethink politics episode, we get into the Net Neutrality impact and we discuss the pro's and con of regulation and lack of regulations.  Should the internet be distinguished as a utility or is it a choice of the consumer the buy a service?  Great comparisons and dissenting opinions on this episode.  Also the FBI email controversy with the Mueller investigation

The Tax Bill, voting and Elections

The team returns just in time to discuss the Tax Bill that has signed into Law by the Trump.  We talk about the different changes and how we perceive the changes will effect us.   As three different perspectives gather their thoughts (single, married with child, married towards retirement)
We split off and start talking about voting and why is it so hard for people to vote or vote against morality, ethics and morality.

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Is there an upcoming war, Twitter beef and more


This episode the team sits down and talks about our feelings about the ignorance of Trumps foreign diplomacy at the cost of going to war with North Korea.  After another recent rocket launch. More shenanigans from political perverts and the press and once again more Twitter beef from the Donald

Gun control, the Vegas massacre and the media

This last episode of the 3 part series finishes our conversation with gun control and the mass shootings in Vegas.  The question is, why does the media, law enforcement and government officials never see outside of the typical profile of muslims, african americans and latinos.  you know we have opinions on that.