Should Young Millennial professionals relocate under the current climate?

As a follow up from our last Podcast. We jump in to a topic that may seem pretty extreme but it has been going on for years with black professionals, artist and lately career opportunities. We discuss from 3 different perspectives. Under the current conditions in the United States. Should Millennials leave the country for safety and a different life?


Trumps racism, conspiracy theories and Celebrity politics

This episode the team steps into the current debate (Or is it) about Trump being a racist based on his comments about Black countries being shithole countries. We dive into the possiblity of more celebrity politicians and if this will be the new normal.  Once again the conspiracies fly when we talk about Hawaii, fire and fury and other hilarious political shenanigans. .  


Charlottesville incident and the new political climate

racist ralley.jpg

On this podcast the team discusses the political backlash and the televised protest of the Neo Nazis, KKK and the Alt right that had a family reunion in Charlottesville Virginia.  The shock and confusion of seeing white people in America march about taking back their America and disgracing other races and minorities.  Yeah we had to talk about this.