2018 Bougie Black Brother network Music awards (#3)

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We end the 3 part review of the music awards for 2018 with a few reviews that we enjoyed based on the lyrical abilities of these artist.  Ending with the Album/Artist of the year, that doesn’t line up too well with the Grammy’s. Especially the crime of not including J. Cole.  Go back and reference the reviews for these nominee's throughout the year so you can see where we were with our predictions.

Part Three:
Slept on album of the year
Creative album of the year
Underground Lyrical Album of the year
Hip Hop Lyrical Album of the year
Album of the year

2018 Bougie Black Brother network Music awards (#2)

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Welcome back to part two of the music awards for 2018.  This session jumps into some of the meat of music people would frequent. These categories are part of the exceptional artist that you would see during regular awards shows.  Go back and reference the reviews for these nominee's throughout the year so you can see where we were with our awards.

Part One:
Rookie album of the year
Veteran album of the year
Collab album of the year
Best Producer Album of the year
Wackness Album of the year
Swag Album of the year

Eminem Kamikaze Part 2 White on White crime

The 2nd part of our Eminem review gets into his battle with a few people that is burning up the internet (white on white crime) The Machine Gun Kelly battle that started waaaay back in 2014 or 2012 about something he said about his daughter. We continue with Em’s legacy and what is possibly his next move. Theeen we talk about what great kinda looks like in this era and what this year looks like with competitive releases.


Eminem - Kamikaze 2018 Part 1

So holy Sh**!! Did not expect this to come out this year like this. Sean and I go all in on the new release by Eminem that puts his target on reviewers, rappers and partners that he needs to let out some venom on. A throw back to the Shady days that I was hoping for last year instead of the Revival release.

We take the time to pay respect to Mac Miller with his untimely death. A little about his rap career, depression and substance abuse. RIP

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Kamikaze is the tenth studio album by American rapper Eminem. Previously unannounced, the album was released on August 31, 2018 by Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records, and Shady Records. The album features guest appearances from Joyner Lucas, Royce da 5'9", Jessie Reyez, and uncredited vocals by Justin Vernon

Travis Scott (Astroworld) and YG (Stay Dangerous) 2018

We head out west and to Texas to review two new releases that go about their thing with contrasting styles.  YG with the hard core west coast street life with a different swag to it.  Then Travis Scott the producer extrondinaire giving us some reminiance of early Kanye productions.  We dive in to get a feel of the AstroWorld and Stay dangerous releases and what both artist bring to the hip hop world.

Freddie Gibbs and Black Thought (The Roots)

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Sean and I go through a short review of some releases in June that may have been overlooked because of the massive amount of big names releasing something almost as a competition on who's who and whats better.  We review the "Freddie" from Freddie Gibbs and "Streams of Thought, vol 1, by Black Thought.

Royce da 5'9 : Book of Ryan

We return to reviewing R5 after being disappointed by the Pryhme release with Premier.  We open up this new release "Book of Ryan" and he takes us to some where we did not think he could.  We listened to so many artist spill their soul into their music but did not think it would be Royce adding to the quality of music being released. Check it out