west coast rap

The internet (Hive Mind) / Buddy (Harlan & Alondra)

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This week we get a little Neo-soul and a little west coast rap harmonizing music that Sean and I get into this week.  A break from the named performers as well as familiar sounds out today.  A really good mixture and somewhat contrasting but pretty good releases for this year.  Strictly west coast this week.  We test each others perspective on these two artist.

Travis Scott (Astroworld) and YG (Stay Dangerous) 2018

We head out west and to Texas to review two new releases that go about their thing with contrasting styles.  YG with the hard core west coast street life with a different swag to it.  Then Travis Scott the producer extrondinaire giving us some reminiance of early Kanye productions.  We dive in to get a feel of the AstroWorld and Stay dangerous releases and what both artist bring to the hip hop world.