ERYS & Willow - Jaden & Willow Smith


Sean and I wanted to review the Smith children since they both came out around the same time.  First we give our take on Willow and a style that we weren't expecting to hear.  Also since she is more of a veteran than her brother.  We didn't know what we would get.  Then we drop in Jaden.  He had a few releases after his well received debut album (for the record, those other releases I was not feeling) So for 2019 we get a listen to another one of these long ass releases with long ass 4 min. average songs. 

James Blake: Assume Form

I’ve been a fan of James Blake for years. With his odd sound but soothing voice that went with so much but not quite with anything. He made you listen for different reasons and some how you would hear him sprinkled in with some hip hop folks. His dark brooding sound that was heard for years could have been a precursor to the young depressed sound you some times hear today. But this new release has a tone that’s unfamiliar but quite refreshing. This is the evolution of James Blake with a touch of his hip hop buddies help.

Doja Cat Amala (Deluxe Edition)

We flip into our R&B releases that we were happy to break from the the rap scene for a session or two.  We start with a new comer and social media darling Doja Cat.  Sadly her image grabbed our attention along with her  viral song "Mooo!"  So we started almost blindly with some preconceived thoughts on what this gorgeous artist would sound like and present

Dabrye From Two to Three (Michigan producer extraordinaire) 2018

I ran into one of my favorite producers from the early 2000's and found that he released a current LP that was in line with his previous releases.  Tadd Mullinixor Dabrye at that time was a talented producer from Michigan that did a lot of production with electronics and hip hop.  To pay homage to his career and to highlight his new release.  I wanted to review his previous releases.  Here's part 1

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Tadd Mullinixor Dabryeis an American musician from Ann ArborMichigan, United States, also known by the aliases James T. Cottonand SK-1. During his adolescent years, he grew up in Troy, MI. His Winking Makes a Face was the first album released by Ann Arbor’s Ghostly International. Parting with the IDMsound of Winking..., the first Dabrye album was 2001's One/Three, whose take on instrumental hip-hopparalleled the work of artists such as Prefuse 73.