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2 years ago, Sean introduced me formally to Big K.R.I.T  with his release "4eva is a mighty long time."  Now he drops something in this weak season of releases for us to digest and see how this release refers back to his 2010 mixtape "K.R.I.T Wuz Here".  My thoughts is, I'm judging it on what he is releasing now.  I didn't go back but Sean has his opinion.  Especially since he's a fan.


Revenge of the Dreamers III (Dreamville & J. Cole)

dreamville 3.jpg

You already know we criticize Dreamville for lack of promotion and weak promotion. But mad love to a lot of their artist and the King sitting on top J.Cole. So this massive compilation release with so many surprises that I couldn't get to the end until I rewinded so many of these cuts that it too me a few days to take it all in. Any way here it is.

ERYS & Willow - Jaden & Willow Smith


Sean and I wanted to review the Smith children since they both came out around the same time.  First we give our take on Willow and a style that we weren't expecting to hear.  Also since she is more of a veteran than her brother.  We didn't know what we would get.  Then we drop in Jaden.  He had a few releases after his well received debut album (for the record, those other releases I was not feeling) So for 2019 we get a listen to another one of these long ass releases with long ass 4 min. average songs. 

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: Bandana

Being a fan of Freddie Gibbs, during our last review it was mentioned that he needed some serious production help as well as a few features. In jumps super producer Madlib. Following a lot of his instrumental albums I have been a fan for a while but lately he has been producing a lot of others. With this combination we looked forward to hearing this release