Life insurance with Super Agent Jeremy Goodrich Part 2

On part two of our sit down with Insurance guru Jeremy Goodrich.  We go a little abstract out side of life insurance and ask a few different insurance questions that effects us all.  Jeremy shocks us on things that if you aren't really experienced insurance person you would be stumped. Follow Jeremy on the following platforms:

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Life insurance with Super Agent Jeremy Goodrich Part 1

This episode Chaz and I welcome a special guest to speak about the unsexy life of insurance. We were approached by a member of the welcome to the wall crew, and asked, what are good options for life insurance as a young millennial.  Chaz and I reached out to super agent Jeremy Goodrich from Shine insurance to fill us in on the unsexiness of insurance and what we don't know and what we should know. We discuss options with Life insurance, investments and the little things we missed without talking to an expert.

Term Life                       - Term pays only if death occurs during the term of the policy
                                         (1 - 30 years)
Whole Life                     - Whole pays a death benefit whenever you die.   even if you live to 100
Universal Life                 - UL the excess of premium payments above the current cost of insurance
                                          is credited to the cash value of the policy  
Variable Universal Life - VUL is a permanent life insurance policy with an investment component. The policy has a cash value account, which is invested in a number of sub-accounts available in the policy. 


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Strip Clubs, Finances and the psychology of the young millennial

Tonight Chaz and I welcome some special guest to M3 to discuss the popular to some and controversial to others Strip Club entertainment.  With the huge cost to some people frequenting these establishments, we wanted to sit down and talk to a couple with a different perspective.  

M3 Holiday spending and holiday obligations

We end the year with how spending  around this time is so stressful because of ignorance, obligations or just commitment. We kinda give some ideas when and why spending should be smart, strategic and needful.   Also the dumb commitment of New Years resolutions.  Is there a good way of following goals other than national holidays? We use our myth buster segement to relate to the Origins of New years resolutions from further back than most would imagine.

Smart phone purchase and adapting to technology changes


This week Chaz and I go over the struggle of conservative spending when buying a new smart phone while ensuring your security and privacy is intact.  Chaz makes a choice with what phone he buys but he still seems like he is questioning being included into the Matrix.  

401K and other tips


This episode Chaz (welcome to the wall) and I talk about 401K info and what should a person look at when they are choosing a plan as well as when and how they should do it.  We touch on roll over as well as IRA and ROTH IRA options when you lose or quit a job you have had a 401K established. Here's some IRA data:

  • IRAs can be opened by anyone who works or has a working spouse. There are two kinds of IRAs: a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.
  • Traditional IRAs let you deduct taxes now and pay them later; with a Roth IRA you pay income taxes now but are not taxed when you withdraw from them.
  • Traditional IRAs allow you to save up to $5,500 per year ($6,500 if you are 50 and older) and deduct eligible contributions from your income tax. The same is true for Roth IRAs, but contributions are disallowed at higher income levels.
  • You can invest in many different kinds of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments within an IRA. You typically open an IRA at a brokerage or a bank.

401 K info for the employed:

  • A 401k is a qualified retirement plan that allows eligible employees of a company to save and invest for their own retirement on a tax deferred basis.
  • Only an employer is allowed to sponsor a 401k for their employees. You decide how much money you want deducted from your paycheck and deposited to the plan based on limits imposed by plan provisions and IRS rules.
  • Your employer may also choose to make contributions to the plan, but this is optional.

We start off with a new segment we have haven't decided what to call it yet (that's bullshit, or unchallenged Myth's) talking about things people ask without real answers to. 


Investment Options for the Millennial

Tonight Chaz and I discuss investments people can look at as an alternative to savings accounts. We discuss stocks, mutual funds, money markets, CD's and just options other than sitting your money in an account that will only give you less than 0.5%.   Some of the Welcome to the wall crew joins us to discuss financial options early in their life.

From the Hood to Middle Class redux

Today Chaz and I  return to our financial series with revisiting plans we helped Jermey with on our last Financial episode.  The major long term goals we had Jermeey addressing were A new bank account, a credit card and what would be his new living arrangement (purchase and renting).  We get something totally unexpected but hold on to hope that our advice would not fall on deaf ears.

Healthy Eating while maintaining a budget

Today Chaz and I talk about the importance of healthy eating and working with a budget that would not kill your paycheck. We talk about bulk shopping (Sam's, Costco's, B.J's) and Organic buying with specialty markets (farmers markets, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Fresh Market).  With the fast pace of millineals in this era.  They need options in order to budget their paycheck, reduce the chance of getting sick and how do you add eating to your enjoyment.

Finances and the Black Women Hair

This episode of CarrWaxx we talk to Milan and Marsha Carr on how their hair is part of there everyday life and who they are.  But at the same time we talk about how ladies do what they have to do to balance that life and the personal decision on how they want their hair.  We talk about natural hair, weaves, extensions, et cetera. Also what impact does their hair choices impact their financial situation and societys reception of women of color who wear their natural hair.

Then, is there a market for women of color to capitalize on the huge billion dollar hair market, or is it something the corporate world and black society leaves in the hand of others?  And does this have  any effect on a woman self esteem?  Big question!!

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Coming from the hood and into the middle class (Changes)

On this Episode of our financial series, Chaz and I speak to Jeremy Jacobs a member from the group Welcome to the Wall .  This young gentleman from humble beginnings has achieved a lot in his life thus far to do better and be better.  His unique work experience and life experience lead us to add him into our discussion about handling your finances under different circumstances.  Such as:
- Travel for your job                      - Per diem
- Building relationships              - Vehicle, Uber, Public Transportation
- Savings, investment                 - Banking

A good discussion for young Millennials who work under different conditions