Dealing with Subscriptions and living a mundane life as a millennial

This week Chaz and I start off with what subscriptions you have and how do you start looking at the automatic payments that are not worth your time or cost. A little conversation with acquiring property foreclosure, tax liens and acquisitions and How to improve your position with your career even if its boring or mundane.

The fatigue of being an adult as a millennial

Chaz and I semi look back at the year of doing adult things, being responsible and preparing for the future. Now that the holiday seasons upon us. The anxiety of not having fun and doing things other than being an adult has become frustrating. What can a single millennial do when stagnant life becomes boring. Also a short review of Black Friday and impulse buying.

Career choices as a young millennial

On this episode of M3, Chaz and I are joined by William to discuss a growing option in the workplace. We start with 2 different paths in the same workplace but two different millennials. Then these same young professionals discuss being a contractor at a dysfunctional company and the lessons they learned in the corporate sector of management and professionalism.