James Blake: Assume Form

I’ve been a fan of James Blake for years. With his odd sound but soothing voice that went with so much but not quite with anything. He made you listen for different reasons and some how you would hear him sprinkled in with some hip hop folks. His dark brooding sound that was heard for years could have been a precursor to the young depressed sound you some times hear today. But this new release has a tone that’s unfamiliar but quite refreshing. This is the evolution of James Blake with a touch of his hip hop buddies help.

Solange: When I Get Home

Our next R&B release is a spiritual amazing sequel to a seat at the table that transcend lyrics and takes you into another level of music. Sean and I kept silent about our review until we sat down to review it together. This is our thoughts.

When I Get Home is the fourth studio album by American singer and songwriter Solange, released on March 1, 2019. It is the follow-up to her 2016 album A Seat at the Table and explores Solange Knowles' hometown of Houston, Texas

Did you like the Grammy's and Hip Hop greatness

We start the week out with a quick what’s on your mind and discuss the Grammy nominations and wins. We discuss our feelings about the industry as well as what we hope is a taking over of the music industry from Hip Hop to people of color. Then we get into our opinion on the GREAT J.Cole and the mission he is on. Quite an interesting discussion.

Dabrye Three/ Three latest release 2018


I’m back to finish up my two part review of Dabrye. His latest sparked me to go back and listen to his past work then reintroduce you to his current release. As part of my producer feature on CarrWaxx. We Focus on the latest and greatest (a matter of taste of course) These producers are just unique and away from the mainstream that one would hear on streaming services. Here is Three/Three

Chloe X Halle new release - The Kids are Alright

This week we jump into our review of female R&B/Soul artist. A semi veteran artist Janelle Monae and the popular teen group Chloe X Halle.

The teen group Chloe X Halle from Grown-ish has their first studio release, "The kids are alright." We discuss the easy going production and the great harmonization between the young ladies.  Its surprising that these young ladies had their hands on so much of this album.  From writing, producing and singing all through this release.  It sounded like much more seasoned artists. The ladies created a very enjoyable album that we didn't expect. 

The Kids Are Alright is the debut studio album by American R&B duo Chloe x Halle. It was released on March 23, 2018, by Beyoncé's record label Parkwood Entertainment

Janelle Monae new release: Dirty Computer

This week we jump into our review of female R&B/Soul artist. A semi veteran artist Janelle Monae and the popular teen group Chloe X Halle.

On this new release "Dirty Computer" by Janelle Monae, she creates a unique blend of soul and funk.  The inspiration comes from a very interesting artist that you can hear the influence throughout this release.  The late great "Prince".  With this being her 3rd album", We discuss if she accomplished that feat or was it just a bad copy of Prince's previous music.