Batman vs. Superman

Well well,well.  I went to see BVS at the movies and i was left a little flat.  (some spoilers if you didn't see it) Batman mad as hell with Superman and Superman mad as hell with batman.  The story had you make assumptions of why this was going on and why didn't they just freakin talk to each other before this got outta hand.  With these missing pieces, it just didn't flow properly for the whole movie.  Now, this movie is 2 hours and a half.  So for a movie that long,  you assume they would lay out a very good plot and story line.  Not entirely.  The movie was edited down to action scenes and small character development sequences.  A lot of detail was left out taking away from the story as opposed to making this just an action movie.  

Here's what it did give you.  A great introduction to Wonder Woman.  If anything stood out in this movie it was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  Her appearance from the beginning was awesome.  Great presence as an unknown woman appearing out of no way involved in things not even Batman knew about (until later of course).  But when she went to battle, OMG!!!!  She made Batman and Superman look like amateurs.  Why, she is a trained warrior and she fights like a warrior.  Who ever rewrote this character, did an amazing job from what we seen in the past as well as what was shown in the comics.  I will defiantly go see her movie.  Any who, Lex Luthor seemed like a crazy lunatic throughout the movie but showed random acts of purpose that I really kind of accepted more than understood. Not bad but not the evil genius I grew to love in the comics.  Henry Cavill didn't do much in the film to stand out other than fighting.  What I found interesting this time, was the director showing Superman with a bit of arrogance which was kinda was cool for him.  He is all powerful you know.  The introduction of the other Justice league was ok.  non eventful but was enough to wet your palate.  Overall a decent movie that would have been better if they would have connected some of the story plots and provided Lex's strategy and Superman's motivation for stopping Batman. 

Buuuuut, now I get the DVD.  I don't buy DVD's because of the age of streaming.  But when you can get deleted scenes that has purpose, then I was on it. Everything I mentioned above that i felt was lacking (except for the lame introductions to the JLA characters) was explained in the DVD.  Why Superman was pissed at Batman.  The methodical manipulation Lex Luthor did to both of them.  The DVD shows a story coming together, not just two heroes not liking each other. It doesn't drag but it makes you appreciate why things are occurring on screen.  Now, here is why this wasn't included in the movie.  This damn thing goes for over 3 hours.  But it is worth it if you like movies.  Almost like a Chris Nolan movie but with entirely too much special effects.  I recommend the DVD so you can appreciate the upcoming movies.  The introduction to the super villain Lex Luthor and a good story.  One thing I didn't care for was the extended ending with the funeral, pictures of the world mourning Superman's death.  Way way too long.  Almost like a 9/11 memorial.  I really enjoyed the movie after i saw the DVD and will always know its a better version out their when see the movie without the extras.