The Bourne Series

The Bourne films are a series of action spy thriller films based on the character Jason Bourne, a CIA assassin suffering from extreme memory loss who must figure out who he is, created by author Robert Ludlum.  three novels by Robert Ludlum created three novels the fictional based spy Jason Bourne. The series has since been further extended by Eric Van Lustbader after the death of Robert Ludlum

Without going through each Bourne movie and list the details between all of them.  I'll start with this.  As an alternative to a 007 type of spy, this was a great series.  "Identity" is great because like most introductions.  It lays the story and premise for the main protagonist and takes the viewer down a road of special ops CIA agents. The movie had great mystery and action during the time of release to get you excited for the the sequel.  Then you find out this movie is based on a series of books and your mouth is watering up for some hash.  The next two series now gets intense and the storyline comes alive.  This is because of the introduction of Paul Greengrass the director.  His action style and fluidity of the movie made the next two movies, Supremacy and Ultimatum the best two.  These two gets more into Bourne finding out who he is and tracing back to the people who started all of this.  The supremacy is the standout of them all because of the fight sequences, the rivalry between the agents and how Bourne sets off to inflict his revenge.  Great supporting cast as well.  Ultimatum was a cross between continuing the previous story and perhaps trying to end it.  But then came the Bourne Legacy.

The Bourne legacy is a spin off of the spies created by the CIA during the time Bourne was going through his revelation process of knowing who he is.  I like Jeremy Renner but he had to jump into a series 3 movies strong and reestablish a new identity.  It wasn't bad attempt, but it didn't fit into the series.  Another agent learning something is wrong with his identity and his purpose while the agency is trying to put their hands around the rogue agent who is listed as the most dangerous operative they created.  Jason Bourne.  Which takes me to the current movie.  Jason Bourne.  

Green grass takes the helm on this movie again but he also takes on the writing chores.  This I think is where the story took a bad turn.  More hidden facts about Bourne's life is found out as well as secret connection with his father.  We find  Nicky Parsons the IT agent that disappeared from the agency hacking into the CIA's network pulling out deep files on Treadstone as well as new operations that was starting currently with a Silicon Valley executives as well as covert software to spy on people.  When she finds something on Bourne, she seeks his help and things starts all over again to kill Bourne.  The overlapping stories that took away from the main objective was Bourne's past, once again and technology becoming a new part of the CIA operation.  Technology was never part of Bournes specialty and they tried to make it part of the story line like it was something the agents could work along side of.  007 had technology given to him as well as supporting tech people, so he was well aware what he could and couldn't do.  This movie seems to want to go in a certain direction that should not have been part of the movie.  Or should have been all about the movie.  The Bourne background did fill in some holes from Ultimatum but was a little tiresome when things were replayed over and over.  Again, this wasn't a bad film but I believe if they wanted to jump start this again (which that is the way it ended).  This was a weaker attempt to get people excited.  But a good movie to fill in plot holes from the previous Bourne movies and good action sequences as well.  The Vegas chase sequence is AWESOME!!!