Confession of Murder (Hangul: 내가 살인범이다; hanja: 내가 殺人犯이다; RR: Naega Salinbeomida; lit. "I am the Murderer") is a 2012 South Korean action thriller film directed by Jung Byung-gil, that is  about a police officer who is haunted for failing to capture a serial killer 15 years ago, and is back on the case after a novelist publishes the book "I am the Murderer", claiming responsibility for the crimes.

As most Korean thrillers are based on.  This is another of the Korean revenge movies with its own story and twist.  The story starts off with the killer and a police office running through the town and the killer avoiding being captured.  He gets away but leaves a scar on the police officers face to remember him.  Years later after the statue of limitations has ended, the Killer shows up and shows up at a press conference promoting a book of his crimes.  With his attractive looks and his smooth persona, he becomes a darling to the public and the press follows him while he  goes on an apology tour to promote his book.  Meanwhile The police officer that was scared years ago by the killer is back on the case to find a way to prove he is a fraud or a way to arrest him.  But is he the killer?  Also during this time, the families of the slain women makes plans to kidnap the killer and torture him to death.  It becomes more difficult than they expected and the shenanigans during the capture is boarder line comical but exciting. The killers body guards and the lieutenant gives chase to no avail.   The family eventually captures the killer and keep him in a secluded cabin with the families preparing for the killers death.  The Lieutenant does everything almost desperately to track down the location of the family.  He eventually tracks down the family and saves the killer from his most certain death.  Now you are kind of confused.  Why did the lieutenant save him?  Well, after the killer is saved and states to the public it was some overzealous fans that captured him.  Another twist is presented to the story.  

The lieutenant gets a call from an unknown person asking him about revealing to the public about this fraud.  He reveals information that is known by him and the killer and this sets him in a different direction than before.  The story sort of starts over with this information and the introduction of this new protagonist.  Now you are wondering who is telling the truth and what ulterior motive does any of these characters have in the grand scheme of things. We see more of what went on 15 years ago and we start seeing connections to characters that make more sense than what was presented to us at the beginning of the movie.  Layered with the Korean revenge style and good plotting and investigative work.  The plot reveals its self very well without being too unrealistic.  Very good story and like most Korean films, there is no real happy ending but an ending none the less.