Star Trek Beyond

So, I'm not a trekkie but not a Johnny come lately Star Trek fan either.  I've watched the multiple spin offs of the Star Trek series on TV especially the Patrick Stewart series.  The Star Trek Movies for both Old and new Star Trek has to this day haven't been really bad.  They have been amazing at times and other times and extension from the TV shows.  But when they said they were going to do a prequel to the original Star Trek series, I was very hesitant until I saw that the beloved and talented J.J Abrams had control of it.  The man is, as they say in hollywood is Mr. Reboot (or something like that) of old shows.  So the last two Star Trek reboot movies I thought was amazing but I didn't hear a lot of positive spin on this new one.  this is why I went to see SSquad instead. Wrong choice. 

This story was a very good concept of soldier vs. explorer.  Is there a separation between the two or can the explorer still be a soldier under the auspice of the Federation. This story is about the Enterprise team venturing out once again (last trip together.  Again) to investigate a lost ship beyond a hugh nebula that communications could not get through and only, somehow only the Enterprise has the best communication equipment in the fleet that could contact the Federation from that distance.  Once through this Nebula gauntlet of asteroids, space gases etc. they find themselves out side of a planet where they are attacked by this unknown force that literally swans the ship in massive quantities.  Special effects are amazing.  The way the ships are attacking and the way the alien ships attack the Enterprise is overwhelming.  The swarm attacks the Enterprise and literally rips it apart, while capturing the crew and taking them to the planet.  Some of the crew (you know who) crash lands and attempts to gather the rag tag team together to fight back while wondering what the heck is going on.  "Spoiler Alert".  The Key to this big problem is a Federation ship is found crash landed on the planet with no evidence of what happened to them, but somehow has small clues of what is happening. The race of people under the leadership of Commander Krall (performed very well by Idris Elba) needed the Enterprise because it had an ancient artifact that has the ability to decimate an entire world.  Krall controls the indigenous swarm that has this destructive power that seems impossible to stop and he uses them as cover for his cover and defense to execute his plan.  But this is Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise.  So if there is a will, there is a way.  Very entertaining movie with great characters and exciting effects all the way through.  Top pick out of the three previous summer blockbusters.