The Martian

Coming into this movie I thought of all the other stranded space movies that had people find life on that planet or find out about themselves being alone. This movie changed my view of space movies like Gravity and interstellar. Imagine a “castaway” in space. But. And I mean but with only science as your guide to survive. Matt Damon is the star but there were multiple actors that really did a good job with their position in the movie. 

Synopsis: Mars space team working on the planet get caught in a storm. One astronaut gets caught in the storm and gets abandoned. Team leaves and on earth, NASA tells everyone about a brave astronaut that died during the storm. What ensues afterwards is how one man has to figure out how to survive on a planet that can’t grow anything with 6 months of food. But one plus. He’s a botanist. His intelligence and ability to improvise makes this realistic saga believable. Especially with likable Matt at the helm as the lead actor. Jeff Daniels and Chiwitel was amazing as always. There were other supporting characters that really helped along the movie as well. Even my boy Donald Glover made. Appearance. Very good movie. Be warned of the following:
And Science

Very good movie