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As a huge fan of the great movie by Sidney Lumet and Henry Fonda. I try to convince people to see this movie even if the characters never leave the room. Here’s the plot:
The movie concerns the deliberations of the jury of a homicide trial. At the beginning, they have a nearly unanimous decision of guilty, with a single dissenter of not guilty, who throughout the movie sows a seed of reasonable doubt. The interaction between the jurors and their baggage they brought to their decision makes these movies amazing. Great acting, writing and the directing for all three was amazing. Here is how the other two movies are set 

12 Angry Men was remade for television in 1997. Directed by William Friedkin. In this production, the judge is a woman and four of the jurors are black, but most of the action and dialogue of the film are identical to the original. Modernizations include a prohibition on smoking in the jury room, the changing of references to income and pop culture figures, more dialogue relating to race, and occasional profanity.

In 2014, Chinese film director Xu Ang remade 12 Angry men as 12 Citizens. It was shown at the 2014 Rome Film Festival on October 19, 2014[8] and was released in China on May 15, 2015. The difference :

Given that China does not use juries — though it has experimented with a lay judge system — Xu had to devise some artifice to convene a jury in China.

His solution? Frame the action as a law-school exam about Western legal proceedings, with parents of students drafted to serve as jurors to render a verdict after a mock trial. The righteous juror No. 8, who keeps the gaggle of malcontents driving toward justice.

All three movie shows a difference in environment, era and cultural differences that makes them worth the time to see individually.

Because of the new Chinese version that came out, it was worth revisiting the previous films.




Here’s a little humor and parody played on the story from the creative mind of Amy Schumer.

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