Laurel knows the U.S. governmental system has its issues, but when she starts her first job on Capitol Hill, she quickly learns things are much further gone than she realized. Washington D.C. has been invaded by aliens that have come to Earth and are dining on the the brains of a growing number of Congressmen and staffers, bringing operations to a standstill, and it's up to her to figure out what exactly is going on and stop it. Among those helping Laurel are Rochelle, a medical resident who lost her father to a mysterious infection, and Gareth, a Republican senator's smart and hard-working Legislative Director.

I was never a "The Good Wife" fan but have always heard good things about it.  But looking and reading about this strange concept show was something I thought would be a little interesting to at least watch the pilot and then move on.  Ok, I did say one episode right?  This is what I got.  Aliens, contemporary political discourse, insane government policy, bugs, humor, cute love story and great acting.  O and the opening  singing intro for every episode you have to listen to.  Thats the recap sung back to you.  Cool concept.  Remember i'm a big writer and director fan so I was still cautious of how it would continue.  Not only is this an intelligent series with some off the wall concepts  It addresses so many issues we deal with today.  Like interrogation and petty partisan pandering.  This deals majority with Congress and who they deal with not the judicial or the executive branch.

This show is not as supremely written like "The West Wing", but very well written.  With the different minorities in this show as supporting actors and main participants.  It reminds you of a Shonda Rimes show.  Can it continue to go on?  Not sure if the interest will remain but definitely a great introduction to the world of TV.  I don't see each episode when it is broadcast live, but thanks to Amazon.  I catch up and binge watch when applicable.  I am current with the series, so I can say I can't wait for the next episode.  Its getting closer and closer to the revelation of the bigger picture.  So it really has to make me feel this has legs to move on. Unlike the series "Wayward Pines" 11.22.63 and Marco Polo.  Had to drop all of them after the last season a 2 episode in of the new season.  Now that it is done and the season is over, you wonder.  Whats next.  This is a very intelligent and witty show.  The characters are excellent and I hope that they keep it on and continue to create and write great episodes,