Captain America - Civil War

So, you probably heard and seen all the reviews and hoopla about Captain America this and Captain America that.  Blah Blah Blah.  If you saw the movie yourself you even have your own opinion of the movie.  Well I waited long enough and I’m tired of all these slobbering fools about this movie.  So it’s about time I tell the truth about this Super, Marvel team up.

IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! Look, for a superhero movie this was better than all the Taken movies put together.  And talk about buddy movies.  I haven’t seen a collaborative movie done so well since, since.  I don’t know.  I thought this was more of a great collection of hero’s than the Avengers movies ( I put an S on the end of that)  But if you want to give anyone the credit.  It has to be the Russo Brothers.  Who would have thought a combo of comedy writings could make two successful espionage superhero movies.  Lets start with the winter soldier.  The writing and the suspense in this movie came straight out of a Jason Bourne (not the new one the previous iterations) Paul Greengrass movie.  The tension and excitement in these movies are enormous.  He introduced an assassin to the mix during a shield take over from within by Hydra, which to this day shows how awesome this character is. There are too many great scenes in the Winter Soldier that didn’t highlight superpowers so much that it made the whole thing so enjoyable.  But this is about Civil War not the Winter Soldier.  Or is it?

Civil War – opens up with an operation coordinated and ran by Cap with a few Avengers in tow.  Great teamwork and coordination during the operation but a few things go awry and innocent civilians get killed.  And they Juuuuust, so happen to be representatives from the Wakanda nation in Africa.  One of the most technically and powerful countries in the………  wait , getting ahead of my self.  Any who, the Avengers come back and get scolded by the UN, the US and everyone with a dead family member that was killed during the Avengers operation.  This is when Tony and General Ross comes by and throws the internationally sanctioned accords on the table.  This divides sides on if they would become the world’s puppets or pawns or should they have full autonomy of their missions and priorities.  So when a representative of the Avengers arrive at the UN to discuss the matter.  A Freakin bomb is set off and kills the King of Wakanda.  The Prince was there to see the whole thing.  And who is the Prince you say.  The Freakin Black MFing Panther!!! O and by the way.  Who gets blame for this?  Yeah you guessed it Jason Bourne.  No, I mean Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier.  Now the shit Kicks in.  There is a race between the Government, Cap, Black Panther and their mother to find this fool.  So, awesome fight scenes with Buck and the Panther.  The Panther literally chases their ass down (Cap tries to save Bucky) but they all get arrested.  Tremendous foot, motorcycle, and car chases go down.  Oh yeah and Bucky snatches a dude off his motorcycle and jumps on the bitch with one move (using his metal arm).  While that is happening Panther is running full speed passing cars and jumping from one to another to get to Bucky and kill his ass .Jump past Bucky fighting his way out of prison being helped by this incredibly smart villain (Zemo).  This is when the sides are being taken.  Cap reaches out to antman (nice interaction) and Hawkeye.  But besides Black Panther wrecking shop we are introduced to an adorable well casted and directed Spiderman. Secrets are revealed, friendships are shattered and bodies and feelings get hurt.  All directed in perfection by the Russo Brothers.  The Marvel universe needs better directors and not someone who sees comics as fun campy characters.  There is a time and place for that (Antman/ Guardians of the Galaxy).  But with world problems occurring.  We need down to earth, realistic screenplay adaptationsand directors that can make these movies become more than Action flick