The worst thing that happened for this movie was Captain America Civil War.  Civil War was such a well made Marvel movie that it was very difficult for Bryan Singer to change his direction to compete with CW.  We go through a lot of deaths, sorrow, revenge and anger with these X-Men.    The director tries to convey it but doesn't do a very good job.  

Quick synopsis, we start with Apocalypse back during the Egyptian dynasty.  We don't get much background on his power, his origins or where he came from.   We do know he is feared, in charge and Mutants are protecting him.  He gets trapped in a tomb for years and we don't know what or who will know he is there and what is happening to him.  Jump 1000's of years later.  The X-Men are trying to get their life together after Days of future past.  Magneto and Mystique are avoiding the world and staying low key until.  Yeah, you get it.  Apocalypse wakes from his tomb by some religious zealots and walks the streets of Cairo finding homeless mutants to follow him.  During all of this back and forth story line between X-men and Apocalypse.  The X-Men find out there is a super Mutant loose in the world and he is gathering warriors to take over the world.  Apocalypse has too many speeches which doesn't seem too menacing or majestic. Singer rolled him out with not enough background or presence that we would feel in awe of his power.  Apocalypse sure acclimated well for a person who was buried for thousands of years.  just chilling and walking the streets.  (My wife slept through most of the movie) #warm milk.  We are introduced or reintroduced to some X-Men. Storm, Nightcrawler and Jean Gray who gets a much needed power enhancement in the film that comic fans would enjoy.  Quicksilver makes an appearance and gives us another enjoyable moment of his powers and humor.  Havoc had a very disappointing appearance.  He is a much better character in the comics and this movie did not do him justice.

Overall a good movie and if you are a fan or just like superhero movies.  This will satisfy your tastebuds.  But if you are looking for a serious Russo Brothers Film that really gets you into character development and very good story line for comic book characters.  Eh, eh, not this one.   Bryan Singer needs to give-up the reigns to this series or try to follow the Russo formula so the MU can flow better.  This was a little too much over the top special effects as well as  not explaining certain mutants powers.  Like almost every other X-men flick.  There are too many characters origins to explain. But a typical Xmen saga with some further introduction to new characters and plot lines for future episodes. Nice touch also with weapon X. Hopefully we will see that series start