A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool. 

I wasn’t a big active fan of Deadpool in the Marvel world. he showed up here and there but I really didn’t get the details until the buzz came out with the movie. Learning more about the breaking through the 3rd wall as Deadpool has constantly done in the comics. I was looking forward to seeing this movie. The question was, will other people get it and will it become good enough to be part of the Marvel universe. Well……. We all see it now. The comedy, the action and a basic superhero storyline was good enough to be the early blockbuster of the year. Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job as this clown of a superhero. To me, the real winners in this movie are the writers and the director to be able to work the witty banter with the marvel action. The obvious jokes you would see in the movie, the writers were all ready there. Thus cracking you up before you realize that you thought of the same thing. If you are a Marvel fan of the movies and used to the Big Bang of ironman, Thor whatever. This isn’t it. This is closer to the darkness of the Netflix marvel universe with a humorous spin to it. This is what Deadpool is.   Real quick,  The appearance of the X-men and the way they tried to get him back to the mansion was hilarious.  So, a mercenary gets cancer a some sneaky ass suit shows up with a cure and more.  the comedy starts way before he becomes the deadpool hero.  What was very entertaining as well are the supporting characters that were placed around him.  Very personable and engaging.  not a lot of filler characters.   So, for those who haven’t seen this movie. Pack up your snacks and bring along your comedy bag with your large drink of superhero slurpy. Highly enjoyable. No Oscar winner but mostly likely 3 other movies after this one.