Alicia Carr Social entrepreneur BCS Tech Conference (London UK)

Today I speak with my wife Alicia Carr that has be traveling the world speaking about Women in technology as well as diversity and her journey in becoming a coder at 51 years old.  I sit her down to talk about her latest experience as well as how she is getting her message out to people around the world. Also her latest trip is in London England where I joined her to do a keynote at the BCS chartered institute for IT.

My Mission (Alicia Carr)

One of my life’s goal and mission is to EMPOWER women. I have learned that we are the same with our struggles and I don’t want to see color. I see women, and women all over the world are going through problems they shouldn’t have to whether its in tech or through life.  I also see, as people, as women, we are one. When women struggle, we all struggle.