The Origin and title, The Dreadlock Connoisseur to The Bougie Black Brother


The dreadlock connoisseur came about when I took wine classes in attempt to become a sommelier.  Being the only African American person in the class,  The  group went through a gambit of different nick names for all of us.  Mine started with, Reggae wine man, the Urban connoisseur, Rasta connoisseur and many more.  But since I wasn't from Jamaica and didn’t live in an urban neighborhood.  The Dreadlock Connoisseur stuck.  Not just because of wine but also for my taste in movies, my travels around the world and the people I’ve met.  Because of this, I’ve always had stories to tell or experiences that seemed so different to people that didn't know that African Americans experienced.

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.
— Benjamin Franklin

These experiences was something I decided I could share with friends family and complete strangers that may learn a little more about my experience.


Early life of Michael Carr

Boogie Down Bronx, NY

I grew up in the Bronx and learned right from the streets how hip hop (dancing, DJ'ing, Graffiti, Mike controlling) emerged and how it will always be apart of my life.  This is when the streets were the place you could walk as a child without having to worry about violence all around you and communities in disrepair.  This hiphop music was something that made me see and feel what Jazz was for people in its inception.  South Bronx was the Mecca of Hip Hop that spread throughout the world.  While I had the opportunity to touch the Masters during that time, they really left a mark on me and my brother that carried on for years.   

While that part of my life I was experiencing alone, my mother taught my brothers and sister our culture and etiquette as respectable human beings.  We watched classic movies, listened to classic rock, jazz and blues.  She even taught us table setting, formal greetings and how as a young man to never represent your family or your self disrespectfully.  Funny combination how hip hop was a vehicle to brag and don't take nothing from anyone and Ma dukes made sure her guidance kept us out of Jail or dead.   I think I did well combing the two.