Rose Wine from Gamble family vinyards/Napa Valley

This inaugural Napa Valley Rosé is made from grapes selected from some of our favorite Napa Valley vineyards. At the heart of this wine is Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon, complimented with a little Cabernet Franc and Merlot.





53% Cabernet Sauvignon

40% Cabernet Franc

7%  Merlot

Appellation:                 Napa Valley

Tasting Notes:

Delicate salmon -pink appearance. Intriguing aromas of red berry, orange blossom, honeydew and guava.  Crisp, dry and refreshing. Focused and lively with summer flavors of strawberry, rose petal and pomegranate.  This rosé has a persistent, satisfying and mouth - wateringly fresh finish

Fess Parker Riesling

Light straw yellow in color. On the nose there are fresh citrus and floral aromas including lemon, lime, ginger, white flowers and fresh cut grass. On the palate there are flavors of stone fruit, white peach and nectarine, and citrus. There is good acidity and minerality that is followed by a hint of sweetness.

That was their take on this wine. This is mine. This California Riesling reminded me of an Alsace/Germany Riesling with the strong hints of honey as well as a delicious nectarine taste. Slight lemony taste but with sweetness that says, European Riesling. Nice minerality to the taste but no offensive acidity to complain about. Most west coast Rieslings tend to back away from the sweetness, but doesn't show the floral and fruity complexities like France and Germany. With weather in the 90's, this is always a good chilled choice for the backyard.